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+1 (310) 586.1100 | +1 (877) 771.4321

Sell a guitar

If you’d like to sell us your classical or flamenco guitar, we have a few options to accommodate you

Sell Outright

We may simply offer to buy your guitar outright. This would likely be the quickest way to get paid for your instrument.

Sell on Consignment

We would agree on a fixed payout price to you up front for your guitar, then list the instrument for sale on our site. Payout to you is 30 days after your guitar has sold.


Should you wish to use your guitar as currency towards the acquisition of a different guitar from us, we would be happy to discuss a trade-in option for your instrument.

How to pack your guitar for shipping

Contact Us Today!

Whether you sell outright, on consignment or as a trade-in, we’re here to help you find a new home for your instrument. We’ll continue to update this post with additional details and information, but if you’ve got an instrument you’re considering parting with, contact us today!