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1914 Juan Ponce Spruce CSA Rosewood

Category:Classical Guitars
1914 Juan Ponce Classical Guitar for Sale I'm selling my 1914 Juan Ponce guitar that comes from Valencia. It's a real classic, built in the style of the old Torres guitars, and it's got a lot of character. Quick Specs: Scale Length: 642mm – Great for detailed finger work. Nut Width: 46mm – Feels good in the hand. Top: Spruce – Bright and clear tones. Back/Sides: CSA Rosewood – Rich and full sounds. Condition: It's got some wear from over the years, but that just adds to its vintage charm. The neck is straight, and it stays in tune, ready to play. Sound: The sound is sweet and delicate. It's been professionally restored to bring out the best of its historical vibes. I bought it from a guitar shop in Germany a few years back, but it turns out it's a bit small for my hands. If you're into the feel and sound of an old-school guitar and don't mind its compact size, this could be perfect for you. Why You Might Like It: It's a piece of guitar history, perfect for collectors or anyone who loves a guitar with a story. Sounds beautiful, especially if you’re into classical music. Drop me a message if you want to know more or are thinking about adding this gem to your collection!
Product details
Guitar maker Juan Ponce
Year 1914
Top Spruce
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 642 mm
Nut width 46 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Valencia Spain
Condition Repaired


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