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16 Nov 2023

Celebrating a Milestone: GSI YouTube Channel Crosses 100 MILLION Views!


Imagine for a second what life was like back in 2009. Uber was still a startup company. Apple unveiled its brand new iPhone 3GS. YouTube was just 4 years old! This was also the year when GSI started releasing its first YouTube videos. 

Our idea was quite simple... we wanted to put the world's finest guitars into the hands of talented guitar players, so everyone could have a chance to hear the real sound of Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, Santos Hernandez, and any other legendary maker whose guitars have been known by many, yet experienced only by few. With each video, our YouTube audience grew and our recording techniques kept improving. As years passed, guitar shops around the world started following our simple model which created countless recording opportunities not only here in Santa Monica, but also in other places around the world.

Today, we're proud to share that we have crossed another milestone in the growth of our channel - 100,000,000 VIEWS! On this very special occasion, we'd like to share two videos with you. 

In the first video, you can hear one of our first recordings published on our channel - Grisha Goryachev performing Paco de Lucia's "Bulerias" on a Jose Ramirez "FL2" guitar.  It's been 13 years since this recording and even today it's such a fantastic recording despite the audio and video quality.

After recording over 2,300 videos, our techniques have changed quite a lot! Below, you'll find one of our most recent recordings of Irina Kulikova giving a stunning performance of Francisco Tárrega's "Estudio Brillante de Alard" on an 1894 Hijos de Melchor de Moya SP/MP.

We'd like to thank all of our supporters who have been following our channel. We hope that you enjoy our videos and that you'll stay with us for the next 100 million views!


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