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31 Aug 2017

1st Annual Granada Guitar Making Competition



GSI is very proud to be a sponsor of the 1st International Antonio Marín Montero Guitar Making Competition which takes place in Granada this October 26-29 and is part of the 1st Annual Granada Guitar Festival. Among the panel of distinguished guitarists and makers who will comprise the jury will be our friends Jose Marín Plazuelo, Edmund Blochinger, Dr. Scott Morris (who organized the CSU Summer Arts program that collaborates with the Festival), David Collett, president of GSI, and many more. The winning guitar makers will have their instruments sold at GSI.

Granada is the perfect place for a guitar making competition, as it has always had a truly incredible concentration of makers. And Antonio Marín has guided and supported so many of the makers who now make Granada their home that it is very fitting indeed that the competition be named after him. As you talk to the guitar makers in Granada it is rare for Antonio’s name to not come up. He is rightly revered here as the father of the modern Granada school, and his door has always been open to young guitar makers seeking guidance.

Luthiers of any age and nationality are eligible to enter the competition. You can click here for application information and details.

Full Competition Schedule:

– Thursday, 26th October

11.00 h. Contestants reception at the Granada City Hall.

17.00 h. Meeting with collaborators from the guitar scene in ‘Centro Cultural Federico García Lorca’

– Friday, 27th October

10.00 h. Exhibition of the contestants’ ´guitars for David Collett. ‘Guitar Salon International’ President, in ‘Centro Cultural Federico García Lorca’.

17.00 h. Preliminary phase of the contest. ‘Centro Cultural Federico García Lorca’ (closed to the general public).

– Saturday, 28th October

17.00 h. Semi-final. ¨Centro Cultural Federico García Lorca¨ (closed to the general public).

– Sunday, 29th October

20.00 h. Final and Awards ceremony with concert. In ‘Teatro Isabel la Católica’

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