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November 12, 2020

Coming Soon: After building eleven spruce-top guitars, Bertrand Ligier will make his first cedar guitar for GSI!

French luthier, Bertrand Ligier, has shared with us some behind the scenes photos of his new GSI guitar. This time, after making eleven spruce-top guitars for GSI, Bertrand is going make for us a cedar-top instrument!

Bertrand is a great luthier who is always reflecting on the construction methods of his guitars. His goal is to maximally increase the acoustic capabilities of his instruments while maintaining a beautiful sound quality. Lately, Bertrand has changed his building methods from French mounting to the Spanish method. It was a hard decision, since he’s always been very satisfied with the sound of his instruments, but this experiment turned out to be a success!

Recently, Bertrand had also an opportunity to revisit the concept of making cedar-top guitars and he was very satisfied with the results. Therefore, he decided to pick this type of wood for his new GSI instrument. In his early career, he had built cedar guitars, however for a long time he’s been working mainly with spruce. Bertrand told us that he acquired a beautiful stock of cedar more than ten years ago and that he’s picked a set of wood that shows a close similarity to the spruce tops he likes to use. The back and sides will be made of Indian rosewood with a four-piece back clearly visible in the photos presented below.

The guitar will be completed in about one month. Bertrand is planning to apply the finishing polish next week and will prepare the guitar for shipment in mid-December 2020.

We’re looking forward to seeing this guitar in our showroom and discovering the new qualities that cedar wood is going to bring to Bertrand’s guitars. Knowing Bertrand, this is going to be a great instrument!

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