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November 28, 2011

Erez Perelman and Paco De Lucia










If you build flamenco guitars the dream is to have Paco De Lucia play one of your guitars, and I imagine you try not to allow yourself to hope that he’ll like it enough to actually want one. But when Erez Perelman put a guitar in Paco’s hands Paco just kept playing it and saying how much he liked it, then how great it would be to record on, and now Paco’s manager has contacted Erez in order to get a guitar for Paco to record with! Not that we’re surprised, given the quality of the guitars that Erez has been sending us. My favorite comment that Paco makes in the videos is ‘it sounds old’.

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MAGNIFICCO, BRAVO! To Paco, his Guitar playing colleague and Erez. My wife and I were in Malaga last year and missed Paco, who was playing in a little village 10kms from where we were staying. All the lights were turn off in the entire area and the concert stage was lit by candles. As a musician,I hope the bottle of Vino Tinto on the table was shared by all , with a toast to Erez.

I visited him a year ago and purchased a blanca and since then it has been my favorite instrument to play. He is a master at such a young age and I am very impressed. He also has a great website: http://www.erez-perelman.com and it is very educational about his building process. Good work Erez!

I believe we dont have to buy this guitars unless they stop killing Palestinians and stop Palestine occupation .. i hope you dont delete my comment .. i was expecting that Paco kick him out when he knows that he israelian.

Erez’s guitars are certainly dropping jaws and it is good to see Paco play different guitars from makers outside of Spain.

When Grisha played this guitar style on the GSI site, I immediately knew that these guitars would find a permanent home for sales there.

The odd thing about flamenco guitar and its music is that it is universal and knows no bounds with different ethenic groups. We are all in this together for the art’s sake, Ole!

Can not deny the innocent people who are killed there in Palestine and listen for instrument of maker his hands full of blood to hell with his guitars .. if it is the last guitar in the world .. i will not play it .. and i will not deal with guitar salon again and i will spread this to all the people i know .. about 1800 flamenco player on my facebook account just.

Doublek, if you would like to take this off list and dialog with me direct, my e-mail is [email protected] and I’ll be happy to have a conversation about this.

No offence but this public forum is for music enthusiasts and I personally would prefer that it be kept this way. And one thing should be said here; if a Palestinian built a fine flamenco guitar and Paco would choose to play the Palestinian’s art, then I would certainly give it a try.

Dear Tom,
You as builder i know you from my friends i know your guitars and i respect your point of view and i respect your care for the instrument it self , the problem is every penny they earn they send it for Israel to kill more children and kill old people , may be if the Palestinians had the chance to have food, shelters and education not bombs fear and gas and occupy there homes , lands and blood shed may be we could find a great luthiers from there , and i have friend he is very close to Paco, Paco him self he takes this guitars and he doesn’t play them again he just play them for the luthiers and because Paco is respectable guy and down to earth he do so ..but it shows even that he didn’t like it..

Doublek, I love you my friend and I say this truly as I love everybody, especially those who love people through their art. There are many causes we could get into but this is not the place.

There is no hate in true art, otherwise the artist would not be true to himself or his art. Paco understands this and he knows his art is universal and he welcomes all people to enjoy his art.

Paco sees this through a very wide perspective of bringing the world together in loving the art, and hopefully loving all people.

doublek , quit while you are ahead because you are making a fool of yourself.Even a fool is considered to be wise until he opens his stupid mouth .You are a clueless moron with excrememnt for brains.It is the Israelis who are indeed the victims of decades of lies and terror from the Fakestinians so don’t give us your nonsense propaganda .This is a forum for guitars and music ,not politics you damn fool .

doublek ,HOW DARE YOU ? are you totally evil ,or completely dumb ? Go take your cheap propaganda and hatemongering elsewhere ,do not contaminate this beautiful forum which is dedicated to music and brotherly love for the guitar .Grow up and stop being a douchebag.

doublek ,Erez Perelman is a gentleman and a fine young guitar maker. He has caused you no harm .You owe him an apology. He has Paco de Lucia as a friend .Do you doublek have any friends or are you just a sad and pathetic loser ?

doublek , Paco de lucia is big enough and ugly enough to talk up for himself.If he did not like the guitar he is more than capable of saying so .Are you implying that Paco is a liar or a BS merchant ? you are jealous .Go away and disappear and do us all a big favour.

doublek , judging from the feedback here , there are plenty of folk who really like erezs’ guitars and you are in the minority .Your remarks were ridiculous .Like it clearly states in the Bible : “I WILL BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS THEE AND CURSE THOSE WHO CURSE THEE.” you are cursed.

doublek ,a young guitar maker shows his guitar to Paco de lucia .And you contaminate this site with your nonsensical lies about killing children and old people ? what are you talking about ? what have you been smoking / injecting ? GO AWAY .

Tom Paco is the godfather of flamenco on this planet .. also it s not nice that every body make a guitar and goes for him and says Paco plays my guitar ,i my self i was gona fall in this trap before , anyways Paco is Paco and he doesn’t need me or you to talk about him , my point is please do not support any body who kill innocents (children ,women ,and old people ) boycott them until they respect the human rights , they are doing the same what Hitler done with them may be worse , for the art and the instruments you can consider me a collector and i have a lot of flamenco guitars from around the world and i have a lot of friends share me the same hobby , i just dont respect that we pay money for someone who kill innocents , this is my opinion and i am going to spread it cause this is the right thing to do.

People – this is not the place for a political fight and especially for any sort of name calling. I’m going to keep deleting any off-topic political comments and ad-hominen attacks. This is my call – if you read the blog you know I very rarely delete any comments, but I’m just not going to allow it here. There are plenty of places for that, but this is not one of them.

that’s good to see the great Paco de Lucia and that emotion must feel to hear your guitar builder in the hands of this master, though this is a little misleading, since in the hands of Paco, to a poor quality guitar sounds great

Well done Kai , keep it clean and civilised .Love your neighbour like you love yourself ,we all need to realise this more. Music should bring people together in HARMONY , it should not do the opposite ,heaven forbid.The almighty created us all and he gave all of us the gift and joy of music for all our souls.

Kai, I think Erez is in a very good place to grow as a builder of fine flamenco guitars. He has the love for it and this is evident in the way he comes across with his enthusiasm in these videos.

I first met Paco when he was about 13 years old, when he was with the Jose Greco Spanish Ballet in Dallas Texas. Paco was not on the printed program but after the show he approached me and wanted to sigh the program for me.

I said, sure kid, have at it. So he signed his autograph “PACO LUCIA.” I think I still have that program around somewhere in one of my old music boxes.

The past summer I was able and welcome to visit Erez Perelman in Israel in his friendly workshop where he builds those fantastic guitars with many passion and love.

Every single guitar and piece is built by hand, they are unique and he builds them very careful.
Erez showed me many details about building his instruments.

The guitars are amazing in look and sound and I’m very happy to be an owner of very nice blanca!

Muchas gracias para el trabajo maravelloso Erez!!!

The sound comes from your heart and then your fingers. The guitar has a big place in making the sound but it is in your heart.I play Peter Tsiorba guitar that he built for me.I can tell you that this guitar is the best I heard and play and I play the guitar for 41 years.

I recently tried 2 Perelman guitars. they were very light weight, to the point that I think the wood was thinned too much. the guitars had loud volume, but lacking in any character – you can hear that in the videos above also, they don’t have the richness in sound of a traditional flamenco, or the clarity, its all a bit 2 dimensional and I didn’t hear any of what paco said as “it sounds old” – maybe he meant it sounds played in, because the guitars are actually sort of open in sound (due to lightness I think). I found the trebles far too round. strumming, the guitars were loud, but not free and loose like a great flamenco. the guitars reminded me of lattice braced classical guitars – only as a flamenco equivalent.
I would not buy one just because Paco played one – that is the reason I tried them, because Paco played them – but I wont fall for that, afterall Paco has played heaps of guitars over the years – too many better then this.
They are a decent guitars overall, but there are many better offerings. I notice the price is rising since these videos, but I wouldn’t pay over $2000. they were about $3000 price for a while, but I now see $6000 plus. the sound reminds me of those Andalusia guitar that Ruben Diaz is a big spokesman for – yes Paco briefly tried those also, he has probably tried every flamenco guitar, but not all trials have been captured on video.

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