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23 Feb 2024

Henner Hagenlocher Shares Sneak Peek Photos Of His Newest Guitar

Coming Soon

German luthier Henner Hagenlocher shared with us some sneak peek photos of his newest guitar! The materials are gorgeous - He used a beautiful set of CSA rosewood for the back and sides. The tuners were made in Barcelona by Fustero which is a rare find in new guitars. The spruce soundboard was purchased by Henner from his good friend and luthier, Rolf Eichinger who sadly passed away years ago. This particular guitar is based on a 640 mm scale guitar built by Eichinger. Henner and Rolf were close friends. Rolf moved to Granada around the same time when Henner established his workshop there. Even though Henner works and lives in Eutingen, Germany (around 50 km away from Stuttgart), we still consider him one of the makers in the Granada school. His guitars blend the unique qualities found in Antonio Marin Montero's guitars with qualities found in the old, traditional Spanish guitars like Torres, Santos Hernandez, and Manuel Ramirez.

Check out the photos below and don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions!

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