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19 Feb 2024

This wood couldn't be a double bass, but it became a guitar!

Coming Soon

British luthier, Jake Fuller, has just finished building a new guitar for GSI! Jake comes from a family with a long tradition of wood crafting. His grandfather was a wheelwright who made almost anything you could imagine out of wood. Unfortunately, Jake never had the chance to meet his grandfather as he died fairly young due to complications with the loss of his leg at Ypres during World War I. However, family traditions about him have played a very important role in Jake’s everyday life and work. Even nowadays Jake cherishes his grandfather’s tools that he inherited. Before being passed on to Jake, the tools were also used by Jake’s father who made toys for a living. These long-time family traditions and love for creating things out of wood have resulted in the highest quality guitars that Jake has been building in his workshop.

The materials used in this new instrument are gorgeous. Jake was given a log of a beautiful rosewood by a local double bass maker in England. The log was short and couldn't be used for a double bass - so why not make a guitar out of it? Being encouraged by his good friend, Youri Soroka, Jake decided to use three pieces of this wood for the sides and six pieces for the back. The final result is absolutely beautiful. The soundboard on the other hand is made from spruce and has Jake's latest strutting pattern which he has evolved for years.  The guitar also has a laminated fingerboard, a walnut bridge, and tulipwood trimmings. Jake also has installed a removable sound post, just like in his previous instruments.

Check out the photos below!



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