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28 Nov 2022

Mak Grgic & Team Notey Are Developing A New Music Education Mobile Game That Teaches Kids How To Play Music!


Our good friend and award-winning guitarist Mak Grgić is back with his new creation, Notey’s World!

Notey’s World is a mobile app that gamifies music education for kids and young adults. Simply put, Notey’s World aims to make learning music even more fun and practicing addicting. While it is best suited towards beginners, playing Notey’s World can benefit any musician who needs a tune-up or wants to make their daily practice sessions more enjoyable. Best of all, Notey’s World can supplement music lessons at home or outside of the classroom for a fraction of the cost.

This versatile app helps users learn to play any instrument they’d like or learn how to sing based on pitch detection through a machine-learning audio engine. The instrument (or voice) acts as a device controller to help users navigate the game through level progressions, personalized sessions (creators’ mode), and daily challenges.

Traditional learning milestones are expressed through different video game levels. With each level comes new challenges, universes, and opportunities to improve and collect points. The main character, Notey, guides players each step of the way and provides real-time, gamified feedback so they know if they’re on the right track; play the wrong note, and the boss may defeat you! Notey can also be customized to reflect the players' preferences by changing the character’s color, instrument, accessories, and more.

In the first level of the game, Notey’s World is a world without music, quiet, dreary, and lifeless. As the game progresses, the world becomes vibrant, loud, and energetic, introducing new characters and music.

In addition to the level progression, Notey’s World offers a unique feature called creators’ mode that allows users to hone in on what they want to practice by selecting their favorite song. With a multitude of songs, almost all genres are captured to ensure users learn how to play what they want. There are also daily challenges to keep everyone engaged and feeling accomplished between levels.

Notey’s World is still being developed and should hit the Apple App store early next year. Eventually, Notey’s World will be available on the Google Play store for Android devices.

To take part in creating Notey’s World, sign-up for early access (available soon) by clicking on the button below or follow Notey’s World on social media (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) for exclusive content, the latest updates on Notey’s World, and all things music.


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