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February 25, 2021

Pavel Gavryushov’s New Cedar Guitar is Coming Soon to GSI from His Workshop in Granada.

Russian-born luthier from Granada, Pavel Gavryushov, has shared with us some beautiful photos of his new GSI guitar. We’re thrilled to see this guitar arriving in our store very soon!

Pavel is a great luthier. His guitars are built in the classic Spanish style. He relies primarily on the construction techniques established by Antonio Torres Jurado, but he supplements them with the methods developed by the leading makers of the twentieth century. He approaches his craft with a scientific mind, much like Greg Smallman or Simon Marty, but incorporates more traditional techniques.

An important driving force for Pavel’s guitars is found in his belief that:

“A guitar is a complex acoustic construction. It must have a wide dynamic spectrum, a quick attack, a well-balanced sound, a beautiful tone quality. In order to create such an instrument, the master needs to possess knowledge that goes beyond woodwork ability. One needs to know the laws of physics, acoustics, and the bases of guitar construction. No amount of enthusiasm, obsession, impulse, energy or imagination would allow anyone to make a proper instrument without corresponding knowledge.”

We’ve received a video with this guitar from our friend Kai Narezo. Kai shared with us the recording of Jose Puertas performing Isaac Albéniz’s “Suite española, Op. 47, No. 4: Cádiz”.

We also have for you some sneak peek photos! The guitar looks absolutely gorgeous and it might be shipped to GSI any moment so don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out via chat if you’d like to learn more!

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