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May 21, 2011

Scott Wolf: Turina on Three Guitars

My good friend Scott Wolf was telling me how much fun he was having learning Turina’s ‘Fandanguillo’ and what a great piece it is, so naturally I convinced him that the best way to own the piece was to play it on a bunch of guitars that I, just coincidentally, wanted to record for GSI. Scott obliged, so here he is playing ‘Fandanguillo’ on a Jose Lopez Bellido, that new Erez Perelman and a 2010 Pepe Romero Jr.

**Audio is all fixed on the videos now. Thanks for your patience and sorry about all that. Give them another listen to and see what you think now.**

Here’s the Bellido.

Here’s the Pepe Romero Jr.

And the Erez Perelman

Comments (13)

The Perelman sound the most convincing here, e.g. closest to my idealized tone/timbre for this selection, followed by Ray, Bellido, and the Romero in very distant 4th place. Wish you’d had the 2007 Raya Pardo as one of the entrants in this “contest”.

I wish you had made a higher quality recordings; the sound doesn’t allow to really understand the qualities of the different guitars. It doesn’t take much more effort to have a little thingie like Zoom H2 or some better equivalent and to replace the camera sound with that – if you do the effort of filming anyway …

For a better recording you actually need two mics. Frankly I thought the recording sounded pretty good. As far as the piece he played and the guitars, VERY NICE.

I agree, the Perelman fit my taste much more. The Bellido came in second, the Ray third, and again, the Romero way behind.

Have to say that the Perelman really stood out for me as well. That’s uncommon; in comparisons at the high end like this, the differences can really be hard to assess. (I wish you’d throw a $600 student guitar into the mix sometime, just so we can refresh our ears.)

Robert – The audio got really jacked up somewhere in the upload process (Check out our last 50 or so videos to hear what it usually sounds like). I’m trying to fix it and I hope you’ll check back. Thanks for the heads up.

Its really great to hear the same player play the same piece on different guitars. Truely allows a nice comparison. I personally prefered the Perelman, although the sound was quite fuzzy.

I look forward to future videos.

Paul Weaver

Listening to the mp3s, my vote is still the same. Perelman is clearly the best (to my ears) for this piece. The Bellido and Ray are a coin-toss, the richness of the former versus the clarity of the latter. The PR junior isn’t even in the same league.

I’ve only listened to the mp3s and not watched the videos. To me, the Bellido is the clear winner. The Perelman and Ray tie for second, and the Romero is a close (not distant) third. The Bellido has the open and full sound I look for in good guitars, especially in the upper mid-range.

Of course, mp3s are a tough way to judge good guitars. In person my opinion could be completely opposite.

For what its worth the original audio on the video has this amazing surround sound effect when listening on my laptop. Loses it with the “Better” quality. You may have stumbled into some audiophile invention worth millions. Just saying.

But for guitars. Volume, in comparison with the other guitars, Ray has a good edge, Bellido has a lot of clarity. All of them sound very good. Perelman sounds like a great guitar to look into as well. Thx for the vids

What video recording equipment was used for the Perelman clip? Sounded better than average for YouTube. Can you post a link for a better video of yours in terms of sound?

Now that the sound is repaired I can appreciate the guitars better. For my ears the Perelman is far ahead of the group.

With the rest I find it difficult to judge, most certainly Romero is quite different from the rest. Whether its so far behind I couldn’t judge from the videos alone, I’d have to listen to it directly or play it.

Great playing and piece – and I admire the attempt of Scott Wolf to do justice to all the guitars.

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