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12 Oct 2023

Featured Article: "The Evolution of the Classical Guitar & the Issue of the Longitudinal Coupling in the Design of the Soundboard"

Feature Articles

Vladimir Druzhinin and Timofey Tkach shared their most recent academic article on guitar making. This is their second publication shared on our website. In the past, they wrote about the “Reproducibility and evaluation of the result in the Spanish Classical Guitar Making.” which you can read on our website as well. We appreciate Vladimir and Timofey sharing their knowledge with the public through these articles. Below, you'll find the abstract and the links to PDFs of their newest article available in English and Russian.

Title: "The evolution of the classical guitar & the issue of the longitudinal coupling in the design of the soundboard"

Abstract: This article presents a brief systematic review of the history of guitar development and provides the content, significance, and reasons for changes in its design at different historical stages. While stating the general conclusion about the classical guitar reaching its final evolutionary forms, the authors have discovered the possibility of creating a new variant of the symmetrical classical design relevant to the performance needs of modern players. An analysis of some aspects of sound formation in the guitar as well as a detailed description of the author’s new design of the soundboard are provided in the second part of this article.



If you liked the articles, you might also want to check out the videos recorded on Vladimir's guitars that feature Tkach's design.

"Unruhe" By J. K. Mertz performed by Chad Ibison on a 2023 Vladimir Druzhinin SP/AR


Duo Sostenuto (Benoît Roulland on a 7-string Vladimir Druzhinin guitar and Marie-Laure Bouillon on flute) performs H. Villa-Lobos and Franz Schubert

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