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August 21, 2012

Conde Hermanos and Flamenco

One of the questions we’re asked a lot is ‘what’s the big deal about Conde guitars?’. Certainly no other name in flamenco guitars is quite as well known as Conde, and the reason is actually pretty simple – no other guitars are played by as many of the top flamenco players in Spain. Paco de Lucia has played a Conde since the beginning of his career (and many players from the generation before Paco played them as well), and while Paco has surely had a huge influence on almost every flamenco guitarist since, it’s hard to imagine that he’s the only reason so many great players play Condes. So I’ve put together some videos of just a few of the great players who play these guitars, and I’ll put up more soon. For starters here are Melchor de Marchena, a very young Paco de Lucía, Pepe Habichuela and Moraito, all playing their Condes. I’ve left out plenty of great players, but this feels like a good start.

Also check out Felipe Conde’s bio here. Felipe is the heir to the Conde tradition and we’re very happy to represent him here in the US.

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Thank you for the beautiful videos.

Indeed, Conde Hermanos are one of the most famous guitar builders among others like Manuel Reyes, Bellido, Raya Pardo, Hermanos Sanchis Carpio, Vicente Carrillo.

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