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February 23, 2012

Marc Teicholz – 1930 Domingo Esteso

Here’s Marc Teicholz playing Paolo Bellinati’s “Un Amor di Valsa” on a 1930 Domingo Esteso at our ‘Valseana LIVE’ concert. Marc originally recorded this piece on the Valseana CD playing a different Esteso from 1927. Video shot by our friend Jurgen Reisch.

Comments (7)

I was surprised by the purity of the sound of this old guitar (in the hands of Mark at least), although the first string was more as I would have imagined it. Thank you for these interesting videos!

Marc, you played this piece brilliantly. It’s one of your best videos I’ve seen so far! The guitar tone and recording quality are superb. Thank you!

Wow! The music seems to flow from your fingers as if there were no other way to play it. It’s a joy to see a piece played with such ease, conviction, and grace. Thank you!

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