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20 May 2019

Orfeo Magazine #13 - Lodi, Bottelli, Coriani, Peruffo


Our friends at Orfeo Magazine just released their latest issue titled “Italia Special”, and in it (you guessed it!), Orfeo takes us on its second trip to Italy. The first feature covers the Lodi family, with the restoration/construction specialist Gabriele Lodi at the helm explaining the sound he looks for in his instruments. Then, Enrico Bottelli tells of how he used to build steel-string acoustic guitars until he was inspired by Romanillos’ work to build classical instruments exclusively (and we must say, his designs from guitar to inlay details to sound are exquisite!). Paolo Coriani is another luthier who tells of his start building steel-string acoustic guitars (and hurdy gurdies: violin-like stringed instruments, which we advise you look up), but then Ramirez’s and Torres’ works convinced him to switch to making the classical guitars we all enjoy today.

This issue packs something extra special; aside from the lives and work of these familiar guitar-makers, we learn about the stringmaster Mimmo Peruffo, who is one of the rare makers of gut strings still left in the world – he explains why he continues to produce gut strings over nylon. We also get a glimpse of the Val di Fiemme forest – a fantastic source for tonewood, from which many Italian luthiers (including Stradivarius) have drawn material to construct the instruments we know and enjoy playing!

Read the full Orfeo No. 13 – Italia Special issue here.

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