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January 19, 2014

Scott Morris – Ten Minute Warmup


We have another video lesson from Scott Morris taken from material in his Classical Guitar Complete Volumes 1 and 2. This time Scott looks at a ten minute warmup, the sort of thing that is not necessarily ideal but that can be necessary in the real world when you find yourself without enough time to adequately warm up for a performance. Scott is playing a James White guitar.

Comments (4)

The letters “P,I,M,A” refer to the fingers of the Right hand:
P=thumb (pollice in Italian)
I =index finger (indice in Italian)
M = middle finger
A= ring finger (anello in Italian)

Thanks for the video Scott. Inspiring and motivating! Really enjoy Volume 1. Will order volume 2 in the future.

Another helpful tutorial. I have saved many of your previous lessons and refer to them often when my technique starts to get ragged. But I’m still looking forward to a video lesson on neck, back, and shoulder relaxation techniques – as suggested in a comment (by someone else) on one of your previous lessons. Keep up the great work great work, and – thank you!

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