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September 23, 2020

The José Ramírez Workshop Brings Back the “ESPECIAL” Model to Mark the 20th Anniversary of José Ramírez IV’s Passing.

This year, we’re celebrating the 20th passing anniversary of José Ramírez IV. The merits of José IV contributed a lot to the development of the José Ramírez workshop. He was responsible for implementing new innovations that made the instruments more comfortable and easy to play. In addition to building the “Tradicional” model, José IV also focused on producing student guitars, as well as re-defining Ramírez guitars by developing the “1A Especial” model.

In 1979, José IV received the recognition of Andrés Segovia, since the Maestro chose a particular guitar one day from among several guitars that the workshop had previously selected and had sent to him. The one constructed specifically by José Enrique was chosen by Segovia. This was a big surprise and especially very satisfactory for José, the fourth in the dynasty so far. His joy was so great that he wrote a dedication with his signature beside the label. Segovia used this particular guitar until the end of his days, and according to the letters written by Segovia to José Enrique, he used it with great satisfaction. In 1991 he began building a guitar with all the characteristic sounds of the sixties, which he named “Tradicional”, and another one, which didn’t have anything to do with the former one, which expressed that clear and direct sound that was the solution for new tendencies found in modern players’ tastes in the mid 80’s. The latter guitar, after several experiments, was completely defined in 1992, and José IV  named it as the “Especial” model.

We have good news for you, the José Ramírez Workshop decided to make a re-edition the “Especial” model to honor José IV 20th year of passing. GSI is going to receive the first guitar of the series! The last “Especial” model we had was from 1998 and we are very much looking forward to seeing a brand new Ramírez “Especial” guitar in our store.

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FYI…I’ve had 3 Ramirez guitars over my 45 year career and enjoyed every one of them. All ‘Blue Labels’ and none through Jim Sherry. I have access to two 1960’s model 1A’s…one spruce (AM) and one cedar (MT)…(the MT is the best Ramirez I’ve ever touched). But, the 664 scale length doesn’t do it for me now that I am older and don’t practice 4 hours a day.

I’d love to find a newer (or older) Ramirez (like the ‘Especial’) with a 650mm scale length and traditional tone for which Ramirez guitars are so famous. I currently own a 2007 Dake Traphagen (cedar/brazilian) & a 2019 Randy Angella (spruce/cypress)…neither is for sale at this time.

If I acquire the 2 aforementioned (MT and AM) guitars, I will consider a consignment deal or trade. Let me know if this interests you?

Thank you,

Dear Joel,

A pleasure in reading your post regarding the Ramirez guitars. Like you , I also have several Ramirez 1a and Contreras 1a, which I’ve been playing since my college days from 1970s. Later on I also added a 1998 1a Especial signed by Ramirez IV, and a 1974 Bernabe. I’ve never owned the MT or AM.

I would entertain the idea of taking the MT off your hands, maybe the AM also. Pleased to have make your acquaintance.



I have a Ramirez Especial made by Amalia Ramirez herself in 1995 and can confirm that it is a truly marvellous instrument. The re-introduction of the Especial is very good news.

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