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George Sakellariou - The Sound of Torres


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We are very pleased to announce that just in time for the 200th anniversary of Torres birth in 1817 we will be publishing a CD of George Sakellariou playing two very special Antonio de Torres guitars – an 1862 First-epoch and an 1888 Second-epoch. We consider it our mission to share the sound of these historic guitars with the world, so we were thrilled when we were able to borrow back two of the best sounding Torres guitars we had ever sold to record a full-length CD with George, one of the most sensitive and accomplished players to have recorded videos with us.

The album was recorded in house, in the Guitar Salon showroom where we record all of our videos. Our good friends at Apogee Electronics let us use their fantastic Ensemble Thunderbolt interface and our friends at Radial Engineering helped with some of their great PowerPre mic preamps. Between George’s beautiful playing and some of the most perfect guitars ever built, the sessions were easy and the sound was just amazing.


-From your friends at GSI

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