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In Stock - SKU: STRCSTR-05274 - RC Strings

RC Strings "victor Monge - Serranito" High Tension

Tension High


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RC Strings Víctor Monge Serranito Classical Guitar Strings Full Set

Víctor Monge, Serranito, is an important flamenco guitarist and composer. RC Strings designed a personal set, appropriated for his music full of duende.

High Tension - Gauges:

1st, Mi (RC Cristal Nylon) 0.73 mm / .029

2nd, Si (RC Cristal Nylon) 0.83 mm / .033

3rd, Sol (Carbon) 0,90mm / .035

4th, Re ( silver) 0.78 mm / .031

5th, La (silver) 0.86 mm / .034

6th, Mi (silver) 1.09 mm / .043

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