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February 12, 2020

PHOTOS: Unique, Stunning back & sides on Luis Fernandez de Cordoba’s guitar

We have our 2020 guitar on its way from Luis Fernandez de Cordoba. Luis builds these instruments in a very traditional method, and this guitar is his concert style instrument with spruce top and black Limba back and sides, which he thinks of as similar to a light walnut in certain aspects. The sides of this guitar are laminated with yellow cedar. With an ebony head veneer, bindings and bridge, it has an extremely sleek look about it. This guitar also features a slightly elevated neck and a 20-fret fingerboard. Luis uses a 5-fan bracing pattern with open harmonic bar design on both the upper and lower harmonic bars. As always, we’re excited to receive his guitars (and this one in particular!), photograph it and share it with you all!

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