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February 14, 2020

RESULTS: Most “Romantic” classical guitar video?

Thanks to everyone who voted on our fun Valentine’s Day survey. We’ve been collecting the votes for the past week on videos nominated by our GSI team to find out what is the most “Romantic” classical guitar video on the GSI YouTube channel.

So, here is the WINNER! XUFEI YANG and her video of “Eterna Saudade” by Dilermando Reis on a beautiful 1925 Santos Hernandez SP/MH

And, the honorable mentions are:

2nd prize: “La Paloma” by S. Yradier  – Florian Blochinger plays on a 2017 Florian Blochinger

3rd prize: “Feste Lariene” by L. Mozzani – Tomasz Fechner plays on a 2019 Andrea Tacchi

Please let us know in the comment section if you liked this survey and if you would like us to do more fun projects like this one in the future.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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