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People Often ask

Can I try a guitar for free?

You can try any guitar from our stock for up to 48 hours with no purchase requirement. Learn more about our 48-Hours Approval Policy in our Purchase Policies section.

Are guitars listed in the museum available for purchase?

Our museum showcases classical and flamenco guitars that were previously featured in our store. We’ve created a world-class archive of guitars with detailed photos, descriptions, and videos to document the craftsmanship and excellence of many guitar makers.

What can I do if a guitar I want is no longer available?

Sometimes, guitars featured in the museum make their way back to our store, so if you are interested in a particular guitar or maker, you can request email and phone notifications by clicking on the notification button available on each museum page, as well as in the guitar store when an instrument is sold or put on hold. You can also speak with one of our experts to help you find the guitar that best suits your needs.

Does GSI offer payment plans?

It depends on the country you live in. Please, check Finance your guitar with Affirm or speak with our experts.

What is the difference between selling a guitar directly through GSI or through the new GSI Marketplace?

Selling a guitar through the main Guitar Salon International store offers a higher level of service in which we are going to photograph, document and sometimes produce GSI videos with your instrument. Our sales team is also going to actively work to sell your guitar as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the GSI Marketplace, offers a service for a lower fee in which you are going to be responsible for preparing a detailed description, taking guitar photos, and providing optional sound samples. If you choose this option, your guitar will be listed in our GSI Marketplace section, but our experts wouldn’t be available to work on your sale.

What is the GSI Foundation's mission and how can I help?

The GSI FOUNDATION is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

This is what we do:
  • We fund music education in the Los Angeles area and provide music programs with high-quality instruments.
  • We support talented classical and flamenco guitarists by providing them with professional recording sessions.
  • We provide scholarships for doctoral students with outstanding experience and merits in the area of music education.
And this is what you can do: