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A Life With Guitars by Kenneth Brogger


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At a very early age, Kenneth Brögger made his very first miniature guitars with a pocketknife, in a tent on the Danish island of Anholt. Read about his many diverse, exciting and fascinating guitar-related experiences, and the other guitar makers he has met both in Denmark and abroad. Today his classical guitars are admired and sold all over the world. Parallel Danish and English text.

The book was written by the guitar maker, Kenneth Brögger, whose previous books include:

Classical Guitar Making (1st edition Christian Ejlers Forlag, 2019. 2nd edition Forlaget Roset, 2020).

Danish Guitars – and Their Makers (Forlaget Roset 2001).


Publication date: June 14, 2022

ISBN: 978-87-988471-2-0

192 pages, format 21.7 cm x 27 cm, richly illustrated.

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