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In Stock - SKU: STDADEJ-04620 - D'Addario

D'Addario "Pro Arte" Composite (EJ45C)

Tension Normal


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Composite Polymer 3rd - 6th strings, Pro Arte 1st and 2nd + extra 3rd

The Composites are the newest innovation from D`Addario. They are different from the Pro Arte strings in two ways. First, the basses use a different type of nylon, a composite polymer that markedly improves the longevity and projection of their already excellent basses. Secondly, they include two 3rd strings in the package, one traditional Pro Arte and the other made of the same core material that the bass strings use. This new 3rd string is quite a bit brighter than the Pro Arte 3rd, and bridges the tone color gap between the 4th and 2nd strings much more evenly. It is radically different enough that D`Addario has also included a Pro Arte 3rd for those who prefer a more traditional 3rd.

D`Addario is probably the most consistent of all manufacturers, and all of their varieties of strings have extremely reliable intonation. The Composites appear to be more unique and tonally assertive because of the composite 3rd string, but many players find that this string simply corrects the awkward tonal characteristics of nearly all other 3rd strings on the market, making the composites even more transparent than their Pro Arte counterparts.

The tension differences are more prominent in the D`Addarios than in some of the other brands. The J45`s are their lowest tension, the J46`s the middle tension, and the J44`s the highest. The J45`s are a bit more flexible with regard to color than the other two tensions, but don`t tolerate extremely loud playing.

Basses: These basses are extremely quick to settle on the true pitch and are consistently in tune. They project excellently and have a very long lifespan. They are tonally rich and brilliant and remain so throughout their long lifespan.

Trebles: The trebles are bright and they have excellent projection. The composite 3rd string, which is strikingly tan and is made of a less flexible material, is much brighter and louder than other 3rd strings. Its brilliance extends evenly through to the upper positions and causes it to better match the color of the 4th string in its low register and the 1st and 2nd in its higher registers. The intonation is tremendously consistent, they have a long life, and they can tolerate loud playing.

If you prefer the variety that you get with the Pro Arte 3rd string, then D`Addario includes one of these as well, effectively giving you a set of Composite basses and Pro Arte trebles.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. It’s what we’re here for!