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In Stock - SKU: ACGUSLE-05150

Oasis Guitar Sleeve- Large


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The Oasis® Guitar Sleeve is an easy way to protect a valuable instrument and improve comfort. Have you ever noticed when you are playing that your arm sticks to your guitar? This is especially true in warmer weather when perspiration, salt, and skin oils affect the guitar finish. Made of cool, smooth nylon and elastane, the sleeve comfortably allows your arm to move freely, while protecting your guitar’s finish from skin chemistry and wear due to friction.

Protect your guitar’s finish and improve your comfort.

The Oasis® Guitar Sleeve is available in three sizes to fit any player: small, medium, and large. To determine which size to order: Measure the circumference of (the distance around) the widest part of your forearm.

This example is the large sleeve: 12+”

"I've always used a cloth or sock on my arm to help protect my guitar's finish, and now the Oasis® Guitar Sleeve is what I use. It's made for guitarists, is practical, looks great, and does the job better than anything else ever has."

Scott Tennant

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

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