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Phonology: the Music of Erik Satie for Guitar


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"Phonology" is a book of Scott Morris' arrangements of the music of Erik Satie, accompanied by a CD of studio recordings of the pieces featuring the following French guitars (supplied by GSI): 1956 Robert Bouchet, 1971 Daniel Friederich, 2002 Daniel Friederich, 2011 Dominique Field, 2012 Jean-Noel Rohe, and 2012 Bertrand Ligier.

Guest performers on the CD include Andrew York (guitar), Nanette Gobel (soprano) and Richard Kravchak (oboe).

CONTENTS:Part I: Solo Guitar Music

Five Nocturnes (1919)

Menus propos enfantins (1913)

Le chant guerrier du roi des haricots

Ce que dit la petite princesse des tulipes

Valse du chocolat aux amandes

Peccadilles importunes (1913)

Etre jaloux de son camarade qui a une grosse tête

Lui manger sa tartine

Profiter de ce qu'il a des cors aux pieds pour lui prendre son cerceau

Part II: Guitar and Voice

Je Te Veux (c. 1897)

Tendrement (1902)

Part III: Chamber Music

3 Gymnopédies (1888)

Sonatine Bureaucratique (1917)

Part IV: The Guitars (French Masters)

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