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In Stock - SKU: STRCSTR-05269 - RC Strings

RC Strings "JG Dynamic White" Normal Tension

Tension Normal


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RC Strings recently developed new trebles provide a pure and delicate sound, faithful to the beauty of the voice of the guitar, in a string that provides extreme tuning stability. This makes them especially advantageous for ensemble settings.

A “pure” powerful sound with enormous projection and clarity. They provide the maximum expression and comfort for any interpretation.


1st E (White) 0,71 mm / .028’’

2nd B (White) 0,81 mm / .033’’

3rd G (White) 1,02 mm / .040’’

4th D (Silverplated) 0,78 mm / .031’’

5th A (Silverplated) 0,86 mm / .034’’

6th E (Silverplated) 1,09 mm / .043’’

"Have you ever thought that you would prefer to focus on the music rather than getting annoyed by the strings losing their pitch? Or desired a string that has a round sound, perfect pitch and ready to play in one hour?

A dream? No, The new Dynamic White strings by RC! I used them in my concert with the Berlin Philharmonic and got a perfect result. Thank you RC."

- Edoardo Catemario

Concerto Aranjuez with the Berlin Philharmonic

December 26, 2016


RC Strings "JG Dynamic White" Normal Tension

Manuel de Falla's "El Amor Brujo" played on RC Strings "JG Dynamic White HT"

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