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In Stock - SKU: STSAV54-03203 - Savarez

Savarez "Alliance" 1/E - Package of 10 (541J)

Tension Hard


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Alliance carbon fiber trebles

The material used in Alliance strings has the same specific density and the same elasticity (elongation) properties as gut strings traditionally used in musical string production. Because Alliance fiber has a higher density than polyamide fibers, it can be extruded more thinly than ordinary nylon strings which gives it greater flexibility. Thus Alliance treble strings will enhance the sound of any guitar with a clear and rich tone and longer sustain even in the higher positions.

These are probably the thinnest of all the strings we carry. If you are looking for a cutting, brilliant treble, these are good candidates for you. Their response is extremely quick. They are very smooth and not as stable under the fingers as most other brands, though the difference feels negligible to many players. These strings are good examples of a brand that sounds very good on some guitars and quite a bit weaker on others perhaps because of their emphasis of one color.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. It’s what we’re here for!