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In Stock - SKU: STSAV54-03181 - Savarez

Savarez "Alliance/HT" (540J)

Tension Hard



Alliance High Tension - Blue Card - Alliance carbon fibertrebles/HT Classic Wound Basses

String Diameters in inches 1st-6th:

.025 .028 .034 .030 .036 .044

Both the basses and the trebles differ markedly between the Alliance and Traditional Savarez strings. All six strings are considerably more brilliant than the traditional strings. The trebles are very smooth and quite thin, particularly the 1st string. The Corum line also use the Alliance trebles but has different basses.

The Blue Card is their highest tension (equivalent to Yellow for their Traditional line). The Blue basses are more cutting than the Red which are warmer. Also, the tone color of the Blue 1st string is fairly distinct from the 2nd and 3rd though not so noticeably as with the Reds. Otherwise, the two tensions are fairly similar.

Basses: The tone color of these basses is brilliant, emphasizing higher overtones. Their longevity is perhaps not as good as average nor is their reliability of intonation. They also take a good while to hold their pitch when they are new. However, they have excellent projection and their color is distinct and favored by many guitarists.

Trebles: These are probably the thinnest of all the strings we carry. If you are looking for a cutting, brilliant treble, these are good candidates for you. Their response is extremely quick. They are very smooth and not as stable under the fingers as most other brands, though the difference feels negligible to many players. These strings are good examples of a brand that sounds very good on some guitars and quite a bit weaker on others perhaps because of their emphasis of one color.

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