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Vicente Arias 1833-1914: The Forgotten Luthier


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Vicente Arias is an exceptional nineteenth-century Spanish guitar maker known for the beauty of his rosettes, but his life and work are shrouded in mystery. Who taught him woodworking?

When and why did he start making guitars? How many instruments did he make? What was his relationship with Francisco Tárrega? Did he ever meet his elder colleague, Antonio de Torres?

This first book on Vicente Arias, with a full-size plan of one of his guitars, invites you to join us in our research to learn more about him and to admire his achievements. It inaugurates a new collection of books on the great luthiers of the past.

French & English

216 pages for this 4-colours book
Format: 22,5 x 30 cm | Weight: 1,8 kg

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