Otto Vowinkel

Vowinkel instruments are among the most lightweight of anything in our inventory, likely the result of a slightly more compact body size and efficient use of materials. It is incredibly easy to play, ultra-responsive and very powerful. Several concert/recording artists play these guitars, including Denis Azabagic, Esther Steenbergen and the Amsterdam Guitar Trio.

Masaki Sakurai "Special"

A modest look at this instrument reveals a beautiful, classic design - perfectly executed. The double ebony reinforcing strips in the back of the neck allow for a very accurate setup, so the action is low and easy without buzzing. The stiffer neck also improves sustain.

Hermann Hauser III

The design of this particular guitar is essentially the same as Segovia's 1937 Hauser I instrument, so it has the same timeless characteristics that have mesmerized players and audiences for nearly a century.

Manuel de la Chica

Manuel de la Chica was at home building both classical and flamenco guitars, indeed his finer instruments have the flexibility of being played in either style. Although a longer scale instrument, playability is a breeze, as is the norm for this maker. This is an exceptional instrument in every regard from this great builder.

Financing with Affirm

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German Vazquez Rubio "7-String"

G.V. Rubio has carefully crafted this seven stringed guitar with unique specifications to achieve maximum comfort and quality of sound. Materials were selected to achieve the utmost clarity and balance needed by any extended-range guitarist. Sound of this instrument is bold and powerful, with a rich, velvety texture to each note.
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