Hermann Hauser I (ex. Lopez Ramos)

This guitar was built one year before the famous Hauser of Segovia. It was previously owned by Manuel Lopez Ramos, and was revered and coveted by Andres Segovia. Upon Segovia's death in 1987, Lopez Ramos fitted a felt headband around the top of the headstock and to this day it has not been removed once.

Fructuoso Zalapa "Torres"

The slightly more compact body size, inlay and decorative work is suggestive in particular of the instruments from Torres' so-called "first epoch" (c. 1852-1870). Zalapa's tribute has a gorgeous, rich quality of sound - across all registers, each note contains a harmonically rich collection of overtones, yet there is plenty of space left for balance and clarity between voices.

Felipe Conde "FC 28" w/pegs

This negra is the same model as that made famous by Paco de Lucia. It has a driving, aggressive quality that makes it the ideal solo instrument for concert settings or the recording studio. Workmanship is the usual very high standard for this maker, very clean, precise and with a refined aesthetic all around.

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Teodoro Perez "Especial"

The "Especial" is the top model from the Perez shop, and offers the absolute best in terms of decoration and materials. The sound is very distinctly Spanish, with a full, romantic tone and quick attack. There is plenty of warmth, clarity and volume for any situation, while retaining exceptional playability.

Fritz Ober

The sound of this guitar is of a strong, old-world character and is immensely charming. It is bold and clear, with loose, colorful basses and resonant, penetrating trebles. Fritz's latest guitars have had a deeper body resonance, which gives the tone a bit more of a mysterious and dark character. Ober is clearly one of the leading contemporary builders in our opinion.

Jose Oribe (Cleveland Collection)

Oribe is famous for his use of fine materials, as a quick glance at this instrument will attest. This guitar is built in a style often compared to the finest Madrid-style instruments in its tonal and structural characteristics. It has a big, deep and rich tone with great volume, making it particularly strong for live performance.
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