Dominik Wurth

Previously, Dominik was making guitars in a very stiff way, a philosophy adopted by a lot of guitar makers from Ramirez to Friederich. Constructing the back and sides in this manner, he felt something was missing, particularly in the bass range. After playing the guitars at GSI, Dominik made many small adjustments which resulted in a completely new guitar.

German Vazquez Rubio "Custom Elite"

This is the top-of-the-line model from GV Rubio in every way. It is built with only his finest, most precious materials, features his unique and sophisticated bracing pattern, and shows off his most delicate, refined craftsmanship in the carving, inlay and finish work.

Francisco Simplicio

Francisco Simplicio, the sole pupil and successor of Enrique Garcia, was known not only for producing instruments with beautiful tone, but also for his exquisite workmanship and use of extravagant ornamentation. This guitar we offer here is a fine example of this maker at his best.

David Rubio (ex Mark Ashford)

Of its prior owners, British guitarist Mark Ashford bought the guitar from the British guitarist and well-known author Graham Wade. This is a Rubio that has it all - excellent provenance, condition, beauty of sound, materials and craftsmanship. We consider this instrument both a players dream and highly collectable.

Luis Fernandez de Cordoba

This guitar is an excellent example of Fernandez' latest work. It is built with striking materials and beautiful inlay work - the timeless "herringbone against green background" is the dominant design, found in the center strip on the head, and as the central element in the rosette. Back and sides are made with a stunning set of walnut.

Guitar Financing at GSI

Now you can finance your guitar purchase at GSI through our partnership with Affirm! Take up to a full year to pay for your guitar with no hidden fees and simple interest (not compound), so you know how much you are paying and what your monthly payment will be.

Jose Oribe (Cleveland Collection)

Oribe is famous for his use of fine materials, as a quick glance at this instrument will attest. This guitar is built in a style often compared to the finest Madrid-style instruments in its tonal and structural characteristics. It has a big, deep and rich tone with great volume, making it particularly strong for live performance.
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