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In Stock - SKU: GUCLNAN-07840B - Giancarlo Nannoni

2022 Giancarlo Nannoni "Ambrosia" SP/IN

Year 2022
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Indian Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 51 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Italy
Condition New
Exchange ExchangePlus
Luthier Giancarlo Nannoni


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Giancarlo Nannoni credits Hermann Hauser I as his primary inspiration for his traditional instruments. He borrows heavily from the Hauser design, but with several small modifications of his own to make what he calls his "contemporary" model - in addition to the 7 Hauser braces it has 6 very thin braces which pass underneath the main fans to form a light lattice. The rest of the structure (plantilla, dimensions and depth of the box) is exactly the same as the 1937 Hauser immortalized by Andres Segovia. His desire is to produce a traditional, beautiful sound, with a full-bodied low register balanced with bright and precise trebles. And this guitar has these qualities in spades, as well as a great amount of volume, easily filling virtually any concert hall with ease. His aesthetic details are his own with his own designs based on traditional shapes and color combinations. Tuners are Alessi and the guitar is French polished. Overall a very lovely guitar all around. Giancarlo has named this guitar "Ambrosia" which is a reference to the food or drink of the Greek gods, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it. So long live the future owner of this fine instrument!

Photos of this guitar taken during construction.


2022 Giancarlo Nannoni "Ambrosia" SP/IN

Joaquin Rodrigo's "Sonata Giocosa: III. Allegro" played by Jaclyn Jones on a 2022 Giancarlo Nannoni