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In Stock - SKU: STSAV52-03197 - Savarez

Savarez "Red" 1/E - Package of 10 (521R)

Tension Hard


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The Savarez Traditional trebles are made of rectified nylon which is characterized by a distinctive unpolished finish. This grittiness contributes to a lessening of the high overtones and the sound quality of the red card trebles has been described as milky, solid and warm. Because of their texture, the treble strings are unusually controllable with regard to vibrato and stability. As with the basses, the tone is rich and distinctive and is one of their best qualities. Their intonation is better than average; the characteristics of the tone making their pitch particularly clear and true. The unpolished strings will often wear down thin nails over time. The touch itself disturbs some players; though, on the other hand, these strings are more stable under sweaty hands. The beginning of the sound can be a little crunchy off the right hand nails depending upon one`s stroke.

The Red Card is high tension. The Yellow Card is very high tension, and White, which we do not carry, is the lowest. These traditional red strings are also favored by flamenco guitarists. The Red Cards are a bit richer than the Yellow Cards but less tolerant of the loudest dynamics. They are otherwise quite similar.