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2015 Enrico Bottelli "Twelve" SP/CSAR

Year 2015
Top Spruce
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Italy
Luthier Enrico Bottelli

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Enrico wanted to share some thoughts on the guitar, named "Twelve" just after completing construction: "This instrument that I have built for GSI follows my consolidated style and my experienced principles regarding construction and sound. Starting with a traditional Spanish 7 fan bracing pattern for the soundboard, I always look for perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility and the right weight and mass distribution in the different areas of the top in order to obtain the result I set out for. This instrument in particular reflects and shows perfectly and fully what I am looking for in a guitar: a fundamental, cathedral-like deep bass, firm and sustaining, to support the music; a warm, relaxed and full middle range; a round, thick, dense, creamy but transparent, clear and sustaining treble with a touch of sweetness and allure, a touch of soul... This will develop through the years, gaining more and more focus and losing the brightness naturally found in a new spruce top instrument. It is already an open, responsive guitar with great volume, presence and projection, quick attack, but still the possibility to work the string during the attack and obtain many different sounds needed to express all the musical nuances. I do not obtain this through particular secrets, new inventions or 21st century materials. It's just that since the very beginning when I was a young maker I have devoted all my time and effort in search of the most beautiful, complete possible sound. I have seen and inspected a wonderful selection of the best instruments ever built and I have found that only some (very few) of the old Spanish guitars and some of the new instruments (in the Spanish tradition) could produce sounds that moved me. So I have just allowed myself to be inspired by that beauty which informed my personal sound - learning by experience and meticulous observation, trying to improve every aspect one instrument after the other. An instrument, to be a really complete work of art, must also be beautiful to look at with well-chosen materials and it is with great effort and with my personal taste as a guide, that I set out to accomplish this task. Beautiful woods and harmonic forms, precise workmanship, elegant and elaborate decoration, and a warm, deep, clear shellac varnish. The name "Twelve" is a significant number for me and my family and also this guitar is the twelfth special instrument of this kind that I have built until now." - Enrico Bottelli

Simply stated, this instrument is a super-responsive, lightweight, traditionally inspired classical guitar. It has great musicality - a wide range of tone colors and balanced blend of deep bass notes, warm mid-range and clear, round, well defined singing trebles. It has plenty of power to carry in any hall either in ensemble or as a solo instrument. It was built with rare, select materials and is visually striking for its precise craftsmanship, refined inlay and detailing work and elegant design, particularly in the rosette and purfling throughout. Even the nut at the headstock is subtly and beautifully inlaid. Enrico Bottelli’s work has been displayed at numerous important exhibitions and conventions in Italy, Europe and the USA. We are proud to be representing this fine maker in the USA.

Photos of this guitar taken during constructionOrfeo Magazine #13 – Lodi, Bottelli, Coriani, Peruffo

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