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2023 Marc Dickinson "Cosmic" CD/IN

Year 2023
Top Cedar
Back & Sides Indian Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country USA
Luthier Marc Dickinson

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Marc Dickinson has been building guitars, mainly part-time for nearly 20 years, and we first met him about 10 years ago when he was able to show us his 16th guitar. In 2019, Marc finally settled into a full-time workshop where he has since been able to devote himself wholly to the buidling of classical guitars. We've been able to see some of his work in recent months and finally had the opportunity to acquire this instrument that we are extremely impressed with. First it's important to know that Marc has a multiple advanced degrees in science, including a PhD in physics. He is primarily interested now in astrophysics and is deeply inspired by astrophotography. Indeed the rosette design for this guitar was inspired by one of his images of a great globular cluster known as Messier 13. He has also developed purflings for the top, head veneer and rosette using diminishing pointed purflings running counter to each other (What Marc calls "diffraction lines" similar to starburst lines seen in many images from the James Webb telescope). The combination of these "cosmic" elements are beautifully well-exectuded in a very tasteful way, giving the guitar a very unique and personalized appearance. 

Other than this very individual and unique "cosmic" aesthetic, the build of the guitar is solidly traditional with a 7 fan Hauser/Torres style bracing system for the top. Marc does laminate both the sides and linings which provides added stiffness and mass that enriches both sustain and volume, especially noticeable on the top strings. The sound quality is harmonically quite thick, the body of each note has an almost "smoky" quality of sound from the richness of the overtone content, yet the clear attack of every note provides excellent definition so that the sound is both clear yet warm at the same time. It also has plenty of power, clarity, openness, and separation to fill a concert hall, but also has a beautiful voice that makes it hard to put down. Overall an excellent and beautifully-made concert instrument by any standard.

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