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BBC Recital 1970: Sergio and Eduardo Abreu



Jean Philippe Rameau (arr. Sergio Abreu) – Duo

01– Six Pieces from the Book of 1726: Allemande

02– Six Pieces from the Book of 1726: Le Rappel des Oiseaux

03– Six Pieces from the Book of 1726: Rigaudon

04– Six Pieces from the Book of 1726: Musette en Rondeau

05– Six Pieces from the Book of 1726: Le Lardon (Menuet)

06– Six Pieces from the Book of 1726: Les Cyclopes

Domenico Scarlatti (arr. Sergio Abreu) – Duo

07– Toccata K 141

Sylvius Leopold Weiss (WeissSW 18.6, London Manuscript) – Solo: Sergio Abreu

08– Passacaglia in D major

Domenico Scarlatti – Solo: Sergio Abreu

09– Sonata in G Major K 391

Manuel Ponce – Solo: Eduardo Abreu

10– Sonatina Meridional: Campo

11– Sonatina Meridional: Copla

12– Sonatina Meridional: Fiesta

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco – Duo

13– "Les Guitares Bien Temperées": Prelude in E Flat Major Op. 199, No. 21

14– "Les Guitares Bien Temperées": Fugue in E Flat Major Op. 199, No. 21

15– "Les Guitares Bien Temperées": Prelude in C sharp minor Op. 199, No. 7

16– "Les Guitares Bien Temperées": Fugue in C sharp minor Op. 199, No. 7

Franz Burkhart – Duo

17– Toccata

The biography of the Abreu brothers has been told many times but it is important to remember their international career was exceedingly short, a span of seven years between 1968 and 1975, the year Eduardo gave up playing in public. Sérgio continued as a soloist, but starting in 1978 he took interest in guitar building; he became a full-time luthier after an intended one-year sabbatical in 1981 he never returned from. In that short period they played in the most important chamber series in Europe, USA and Australia, and managed to record three LPs for CBS and Decca; Sergio would still make a solo recording in the late 1970’s. This album was recorded in London in October 1970 for the BBC. They played the same program on the 18th at the Queen Elizabeth Hall; they would return to the same venue on the 28th to perform Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Concerto with the English Chamber Orchestra. On the 26th and 27th they recorded both Castelnuovo and Santorsola’s concertos with the same orchestra at the Abbey Road studios. The BBC recording must have been made around those dates. Sergio believes much of the magic of their robust, expressive and crystal-clear tone quality, Apollonean if compared to the Dionysian Segovia and Julian Bream, is due to their symbiosis with the exceptional instruments which, at the time, belonged to their teacher. Sergio played on a 1930 Hauser I that had been bought from Segovia in 1935; Eduardo played on a 1920 Santos Hernandez that was purchased from the maker’s widow in 1955. These were their exclusive instruments until 1973, when the fear of damage in tour led to the decision of adopting a pair of David Rubios. -Fabio Zanon

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