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In Stock - SKU: STDADEX-02762 - D'Addario

D'Addario "Pro Arte" Extended Play (EXP44)

Tension Extra Hard


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Originally released in January of 2002, D'Addarios original EXP Classical strings had only been available in a pure copper format. Now the EXP Classical strings have been redesigned and are available in silver-plated copper. The wrap wire of the EXP Classical strings was changed from copper to silver-plated copper primarily for aesthetic reasons. Silver-plated copper is the preferred choice of most classical players and the previous pure copper offering was visually distracting to many players. The use of silver-plated copper along with the improved tonal attributes of the EXP coating produces the ultimate D'Addario classical strings.

The improved tonal attributes are in part due to a new, thinner EXP coating on the wrap-wire, which minimizes damping and maintains the warmth, projection, and clarity of uncoated strings. D'Addarios exclusive, corrosion-resistant EXP coating is applied to the wrap wire before its wound onto the multi-stranded core material, resulting in strings that feel, sound, and look like traditional strings, yet last three to four times longer.

Classical guitarists have embraced the improved EXP Classical strings and praised them unanimously. "The best basses Ive played yet", commented classical guitarist Mark Eden. "They lasted amazingly and stayed fresh for a very long time." Classical guitarist Raphaella Smits also felt the need to tell D'Addario her feelings on the strings, saying, "[They are] very beautiful, colorful, and expressive. Long lasting with great tone. The best I know of."

EXP Classical guitar strings are now available in normal (EXP45), hard (EXP46), and extra-hard (EXP44) tensions.

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