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In Stock - SKU: STDADEJ-01833 - D'Addario

D'Addario "Pro Arte" Lightly Polished (EJ46LP)

Tension Hard


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The "LP" Series have lightly polished bass-strings for added brilliance. The polish also helps to remove the "tops" of the windings in the string, which reduces finger noise and improves feel and mobility. These are perhaps the most consistent of all manufacturers, and all of their varieties of strings have extremely reliable intonation. These strings are favored by a large percentage of the luthiers we work with probably because of their consistency and their transparency. These strings are, in positive sense, colorless; they allow the tonal characteristics of the guitar and the player show through without any overt biases. Therefore, these strings rarely clash with an instrument or a player.

The tension differences are more prominent in the D`Addarios than in some of the other brands. The J44`s are their highest tension, the J46`s the middle tension, and the J45`s the lightest. The J44`s are very tolerant of hard playing and are much brighter than the J45`s but not as flexible with regard to color.

Basses: These basses are fairly quick to settle into tune and are consistently in tune. They project well and have a better than average lifespan. They can be played hard without breaking up the sound, and are therefore potentially very loud strings.

Trebles: The trebles are bright and they have excellent projection. The three trebles exhibit much variety with the 3rd string, as is often the case, much mellower than the upper two. Their intonation is tremendously consistent, they have a long life, and they can tolerate very loud playing.

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