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In Stock - SKU: BOORFEO-08155

Orfeo Magazine, 16-20


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"It was my vocation as a photographer and my passion for the classical guitar that inspired me to create, ten years ago now, our magazine. I wanted it to be a magazine of elegance, one that would pay tribute to guitar-makers, as well as to the history of the instrument and its cultural milieu. The very first issue of Orfeo came out in February 2013 and was only ever intended to appear as an Internet magazine, available for free so as to ensure easy access for aficionados everywhere. The compliments and, in particular, the numerous requests that poured in have led me to envisage a printed version of the magazine, since many readers of Orfeo lament the difficulties involved with reading it on a screen, slow download speeds sometimes hindering access to the pages, and the fact that it cannot be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, unless the reader is in front of a computer or tablet. So now Orfeo Magazine is available in two different formats: a free digital version on the Internet and also in a hard copy. Many thanks for all your encouragement." - Alberto Martinez


N° 16 - The genesis of the guitar

The development of chordophones around the world

N° 17 - The Viennese Guitar

Tobias Braun

Lukas Giefing

Matthias Tilzer

Daniel Zucali

N° 18 - The guitar in Canada

Joshia de Jonge

René Wilhelmy

Hugues Lefort

Jean Rompré

Laurent Saint-Jacques

N° 19 - The guitar in Scandanavia

Kenneth Brögger

Thomas Fredholm

Per Hallgren

Yngvar Thomassen

Leonardo Michelin

Egil Haugland

N° 20 - The guitar in Mexico

Abel García

Fructuoso Zalapa

Daniel Caro

Carlos Piña

David Rubio

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