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Pumping Nylon (Second Edition w/Online Audio)


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Tennant's book, "Pumping Nylon", is one of the clearest and most user-friendly treatises on classical technique to come out in a long time, perhaps ever. It started out as a simple notebook of warm-up exercises and grew from there. "It's not really pedagogy at heart, but more philosophy," Tennant explains. "And really it's nothing new; it's just put together in one place. There's a lot of Pepe Romero - and Segovia-type teaching. It all comes out of my own daily work."

The book is a handy tool for working on technique. It includes exercises you can browse through or concentrate on. The book is spacious, and its attitude reflects joy and passion in the pursuit of music. -- Kenny Hill, Acoustic Guitar

The goal of "Pumping Nylon" is to offer ideas that will help solve various technical problems and steer clear of assembling anything that resembled a method book. Rather, this book focuses only on specific technical issues which had not been explained elsewhere. Generally, the issues dealt with are those that have been brought up time and time again by students in master classes and lessons. The exercises and musical examples have been chosen because of their unique technical challenges such as the "120 Right-Hand Studies" of Mauro Giulani, arpeggios by Francisco Tarrega, Scott`s own exercises and four new great studies, two by Brian Head and two by Andrew York.

The accompanying DVD consists of two hours of classical guitar technique instruction from internationally renowned concert artist, Scott Tennant. Includes the famous Pumping Nylon daily warm-up routine. Covers everything from nail shape and care to scale velocity, arpeggios and tremolo. Close-ups of the hands, split screens and other techniques make learning easy and fun. Follow along with music examples on your screen.

This new, improved second edition of Pumping Nylon incorporates even more great material with new pieces by Evan Hirschelman, Guiliani's Left Hand Etudes, Op. 1, and new technical exercises in tremolo and balancing chord voicings. The music engravings have been improved for easier reading, and all of the media is available online! If Pumping Nylon is already part of your library, it's time for an upgrade!

Pumping Nylon (Second Edition) is even better than the original. If you're just now finding Scott Tennant's masterpiece, this is a great opportunity to jump on board and start enjoying this classic book. Your practice routine and technical prowess will improve, and you'll have fun as you learn.

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