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In Stock - SKU: ACBOSAD-04361

Rosette Bone Saddle Installation Kit


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New! from Rosette. Our top rated saddle design is now available in a kit design. The Bone Saddle installation kit includes everything you need to fit your guitar with an improved saddle for quality tone. This kit includes two saddles, a sheet of Pro Grade 3M sanding paper, and two grades of micron finishing paper for polishing the saddles like glass. Rosette Gradient 90 Saddle will save you time when upgrading to a new bone saddle for your classical guitar.

The saddle is designed with the requirements of a higher bass string area and lower treble string area. ( usually 4 mm & 3 mm ) This saddle is 90% completed, making it a breeze to retrofit into your bridge. String contact area is finished and ready to go. 80 mm long, 3 mm thick Gradient height of 9.2 mm to 7.5 mm. Instructions included.

-Contains 2 ea. 90% finished saddles

-Traditionally Preferred on Quality Instruments

-3 stage Sanding & Finishing paper included

-Guaranteed to improve tone

-Instructions included

Feel free to contact us with any questions. It’s what we’re here for!