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In Stock - SKU: STSAV52-03195 - Savarez

Savarez "Red" - Plastic Wound E, B, G (520P1)

Tension Hard


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Traditional treble strings in rectified nylon:

The nylon mono-filament trebles are ground to perfect diameter and gauged to a precision of 0.005 mm by using the most sophisticated electronics and laser technology. From this high precision, the strings achieve their true consistent sound characteristics which have ensured their continued success.

Traditional wound bass strings:

The wound bass strings, silver-plated copper wound are manufactured under strict systematic control conditions to meet the highest standards. The results are strings with a precise tonal qualities and sensitivity which are synonymous with the name Savarez.

The Savarez 520P1 features plastic wound E-1st, B-2nd and G-3rd strings.

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