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In Stock - SKU: STSAV52-03179 - Savarez

Savarez "Yellow" (520J)

Tension Extra Hard


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Traditional Very High Tension - Yellow Card - rectified nylon trebles/traditional wound basses

String Diameters in inches 1st-6th:

.029 .033 .041 .030 .036 .045

The Savarez Traditional trebles are made of rectified nylon which is characterized by a distinctive unpolished finish. This grittiness contributes to a lessening of the high overtones in the sound quality of the yellow card trebles has been described as bell-like, milky and solid.

The Yellow Card is their highest tension. As such, these strings can tolerate greater force and a slightly louder dynamic before the sound breaks. The response is also a bit quicker than that of the Red Card. Otherwise, these strings are similar to their Red Card counterparts.

Basses: The basses are more conventional than the trebles, on the warm and soft side compared to the other Savarez bass lines, Alliance and Corum. The tone is strong, though, and is probably their biggest asset. Their intonation is fairly reliable, though it takes longer than average for these basses to hold their pitch. The color is rich and can be varied easily. Projection is average as is their longevity.

Trebles: Because of their texture, the treble strings are unusually controllable with regard to vibrato and stability. As with the basses, the tone is rich and distinctive and is one of their best qualities. Their intonation is better than average; the characteristics of the tone making their pitch particularly clear and true. The unpolished strings will often wear down thin nails over time. The touch itself disturbs some players; though, on the other hand, these strings are more stable under sweaty hands. The beginning of the sound can be a little crunchy off the right hand nails depending upon one`s stroke.

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