Miguel Rodriguez (ex Pepe Romero)

This guitar is a monster of a blanca built in the 3rd decade both of this guitar maker’s career and of the 20th century. Although it was built in the mid-1920s, it has all the punch and power normally associated with the great mid-century Andalucian flamencos.

Jake Fuller "Purnell"

This is an excellent and very impressive guitar all around - our second CSAR model from this very fine maker, and it's lovely to see one after having had several others made with a myriad of woods.

La Cañada "Model 17A"

The "Model 17A" ("A" for "antiqued" look) is based largely on an 1864 Torres, known as "FE 17" - the earliest of Tarrega’s 3 Torres instruments that he would play throughout his career. This is a charming, first-epoch style guitar with a slightly more compact body size and shorter scale length.

Michael Thames "La Leona"

Thames' version of "La Leona" is made with an aged 30 year old spruce top, dramatic cocobolo back and sides and Gotoh premium tuning machines. Thames also designed a bridge that is based on the original, but has an adjustable saddle hidden under the tie block, which opens to allow for adjustment of the action.

Miguel Rodriguez

This is a very interesting Rodriguez. When we acquired it, we noticed there is no date or signature on the label - unusual! The label is stamped in the lower right corner (so a genuine Rodriguez built by Miguel Jr.). Pepe Sr. called us one day after seeing it and told us that the guitar was originally made for him.

Teodoro Perez "Especial"

The "Especial" is the top model from the Perez shop, and offers the absolute best in terms of decoration and materials. The sound is very distinctly Spanish, with a full, romantic tone and quick attack.

The 2018 GSI Catalog – Online!

Check out the 2018 GSI Catalog, which, in addition to being online, is now out in the mail – our first in 8 years! While you can of course get the most up to date information about current inventory right here on the GSI website, the catalog is our chance to give an overview of the kinds of guitars that pass through our doors.

Orfeo - 34 Classical Guitars in Life Size

"They are outstanding instruments, which I have had the privilege to encounter while preparing my photo essays for Orfeo Magazine, and which are housed in collections in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the [US]." - Alberto Martinez
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