Wolfgang Jellinghaus "Signature"

The fingerboard on this instrument is not attached to the soundboard at all, freeing this often under-utilized part of the top to vibrate freely and contribute to the overall sound - this is an idea inspired by similar systems from the old Viennese style instruments, most notably those of Stauffer.

Paulino Bernabe "Torres"

This is a fantastic Bernabe concert guitar, modeled (primarily with regards to the aesthetic details) after an 1864 Torres named "La Suprema". Materials are stunning with beautiful and textured birds-eye maple for the back and sides.

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Domingo Esteso

This guitar was made by Domingo Esteso, one of the greatest makers of the 20th century. It has a very clean, clear and pure quality to the sound, a very strong fundamental with very controlled overtones, and a very natural, "woody" quality of sound, very stylish, refined and alluring.

Arcangel Fernandez

Rosewood classicals from this maker rarely enter the market. Demand for these over the past several decades has been so strong (particularly in Japan) that they have become among the rarest of the rare. This example from 1961 is an exceptionally strong guitar with a huge sound.

Manuel de la Chica

This is a monster of a mid-century style flamenco blanca and as good a representative of this style as any instrument by any other maker from the period. It is featherlight, has a huge, raspy sound and great flamenco bark with piercing volume.

Pepe Romero

Made by the son of the great guitarist of the same name - this is one of the "0" guitars (#160) that until now has been a part of the Romero family collection - indeed the label bears a dedication to Pepe Sr.

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