Tobias Berg

As we've said many times about this maker's work, the guitar has a unique and bold aesthetic - the headshape, rosette and bridge reveal a fondness for traditional Japanese architecture which Tobias admires for its understated elegance in its usage of perfect lines and sharp edges.

Roberto Gomes

This is a very well-built, traditionally-made guitar with the classic seven-fan braces, open harmonic bar and bridge plate structure internally. Although a spruce top, sound is loose, and warm while retaining plenty of clarity and separation. Body size is a bit more compact making it very comfortable to play.

Teodoro Perez "Especial"

The "Especial" is the top model from the Perez shop and offers the absolute best in terms of decoration and materials. The sound is very distinctly Spanish, with a full, romantic tone and quick attack. There is plenty of warmth, clarity and volume for any situation, while retaining exceptional playability.

Domingo Esteso

This guitar is one of the fancier models by Esteso, most noticeably with rosette of very fine quality. As striking as it appears, sound is also exquisite. It has a very clean, clear and pure quality to the sound, a very strong fundamental with very controlled overtones, and a very natural, "woody" quality of sound.

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Manuel Contreras "Blanca" w/pegs

Being very lightweight and lively, this guitar is great fun to play, and the sound is pure flamenco. It is focused and snappy with immediate response, although it is still quite expressive.
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