Paolo Coriani "Simplicio"

The sound also has a darkness and almost "antique-like" quality to it, which is in character with Simplicio. It also has plenty of power and projection, enough for any concert situation. A very fine concert instrument by any standard, this guitar will work beautifully in front of both microphone and audience of any sized venue.

Enrique Garcia

This is a wonderfully well-preserved example of Garcia building in his great, mature style. Stylistically the instrument is fairly simple in decoration (especially compared to the much more intricate and highly ornate guitars built between 1919-1922 after Francisco Simplicio began working for Garcia). The tone is wholesome and robust.

Dominik Wurth

This is a light-built guitar that achieves a fine compromise between a modern guitar and traditional Spanish style guitar. As with all of Wurth's instruments, this guitar plays easy, has immediate attack with a lively, full sound behind it and is just overall a joy to play.

Hermann Hauser "Vienna"

Hermann Hauser Sr. is regarded by players, aficionados and collectors to be among the elite handful of builders in the history of the instrument. Arguably one of the more favored styles of guitar in turn-of-the-century Munich were instruments known to be in the "Vienna" style, this particular guitar we have here being a great example.

Manuel Velazquez

This instrument is a prime example of the classic Velazquez style - lightweight yet sturdy build, with a firm sound that is strongly reminiscent of the "teutonic" style as developed by Hermann Hauser I and carried on by Hermann Hauser II - sparkling trebles and steady basses are the standout tonal qualities.

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