Greg Smallman (ex Ben Verdery)

This is another fine example of a classic Greg Smallman, this one having been owned and recorded on by Benjamin Verdery on his duo album "First You Build A Cloud" (with Andy Summers of the Police) and also on "Start Now". These instruments are known for their great power and piano-like sustain and this guitar lives up to its reputation with ease.

Pepe Romero

Made by the son of the great guitarist of the same name. It has huge volume and extremely quick response. Although the tone is "classical", the response and playability is much like a southern Spanish flamenco guitar - likely due to its lightweight build, for its size.

German Vazquez Rubio "7-String"

G.V. Rubio has carefully crafted this seven stringed guitar with unique specifications to achieve maximum comfort and quality of sound. Materials were selected to achieve the utmost clarity and balance needed by any extended-range guitarist. Sound of this instrument is bold and powerful, with a rich, velvety texture to each note.

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Manuel Ramirez

This instrument was built the same year as Segovia's famous and iconic 1912 Manuel Ramirez (now housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, along with Segovia's 1937 Hauser I), and it appears to be very similar in dimensions and proportions to Segovia's guitar.

Dominik Wurth

This is a light-built guitar that achieves a fine compromise between a modern guitar and traditional Spanish style guitar. As with all of Wurth's instruments, this guitar plays easy, has immediate attack with a lively, full sound behind it and is just overall a joy to play.
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