Tomasz Fechner – Tansman Suite in Modo Polonico on 7 guitars

Tomasz Fechner came back to GSI on what turned out to be the day he went from being a Masters student at USC to being a DMA student. The following videos are surely a sonorous treat.

John Williams Interview Part 4 (Final)

Here’s the final installment of the Guitar CoOp John Williams interview. In this sit-down, Kayath, Goss and Williams discuss practicing, pieces and teaching styles, along with other topics you'll surely find interesting.

Juanito Pascual – Panaderos Flamencos

Here’s Juanito Pascual playing Esteban de Sanlucar’s Panaderos Flamencos on a 1962 Viuda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso from the Russell Cleveland Collection. Viuda y Sobrinos were of course the widow and nephews of Esteso, and those nephews are the Conde brothers or Conde Hermanos.

Coming Soon – Tobias Berg

"It’s European Walnut for the Back and Sides (which of course will leave it’s 'grey' appearance behind as soon as the first coat of shellac is on). After that it will take on a warm brown 'classic' color... The top has been braced and soon all the parts will come together." - Tobias Berg

The Elemental Guitar Program

Elemental Guitar, the newest addition to the Elemental Music program in Santa Monica, is heading into its second year under the direction of Mak Grgić. The program, for students in grades 3-6, features guitar classes designed to give each student a solid foundation in classical guitar technique, musicianship and ensemble playing.

LA Duo play Rodriguez and Ober

Here’s the Los Angeles Duo, Bryan Fasola and Donovan Butez, playing their arrangement of Yann Tiersen’s la Valse d’Amelie, and Bryan’s arrangement of Debussy’s Reverie.
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Live Performance

Roland Dyens


Jack Sanders

Alexander Milovanov - Legnani Terremoto con Variazioni (Jose Vigil)

Alexander Milovanov was back in town and he brought in a showstopper of a piece - Luigi Legnani's Terremoto con Variazioni, which he pla...

Juanito Pascual - Panaderos Flamencos (1962 Conde)

Here's Juanito Pascual playing Esteban de Sanlucar's Panaderos Flamencos on a great 1962 Viuda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso from the Rus...

Coming Soon - Tobias Berg

We have photos of the next guitar being made for us by Tobias Berg. From Tobias: "as promised here are some pictures of the next guitar....

LA Duo play Rodriguez and Ober

Here's the Los Angeles Duo, Bryan Fasola and Donovan Butez, playing their arrangement of Yann Tiersen's la Valse d'Amelie, with Bryan pl...

Luthier: Andy Culpepper

Current Inventory     |     Past Inventory Andy Culpepper grew up in a musical family with two brothers who are both ac...