Federico Nunez plays 2003 Smallman

We have more of Federico Nuñez, this time playing Arturo Quinteros’ Romance del Agua on a great 2003 Greg Smallman classical that belonged to Ben Verdery. Verdery used it to record his duo album “First You Build A Cloud” with Andy Summers of the Police.

Andrea de Vitis plays Mertz An Malvina

Here’s Andrea de Vitis playing another piece by Johann Kaspar Mertz, An Malvina, on a stunning 2017 Sebastian Stenzel spruce and maple guitar that features what Stenzel himself described as “the most labor intensive purfling” he’s ever made for a guitar.

Player Spotlight: Ben Pila

Benjamin Pila is the only classical guitarist ever named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. He’s performed extensively throughout the United States and has been a featured artist at both New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center, Washington D.C.’s John F. Kennedy Center and San Francisco’s Herbst Theater.

Olivia Chiang – Coldrick ‘Lament’

Here’s Olivia Chiang playing Pat Coldrick’s ‘Lament’ on a 2012 Ovia by Tony Chen ‘Byers’ model in cedar and Indian rosewood. “Ovia” comes from Segovia and Tony studied with Greg Byers, so this model is his tribute to Greg.

Jaxon Williams plays GV Rubio Custom Elite

Jaxon Williams is the new graduate teaching assistant at USC, where he is pursuing his DMA under Bill Kanengiser, not to mention his being a Fullbright scholar (he wisely chose to study guitar in Sevilla). He stopped in to record some videos, and here he is playing Carlos Rivera’s Whirler of the Dance.

Coming Soon – Paolo Coriani

GSI president David Collett was recently in Italy and saw this guitar, which was completed but not yet varnished. They strung up the guitar and David reports that it sounded great. The varnish is drying as we speak.
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