Coming Soon – Luis Fernandez de Cordoba

Luis tells us he’s tensioned the top of this instrument a little more asymmetrically than usual to bring out more clarity in the trebles and that he is very pleased with the balance.

Pepe Romero – New Line of Strings

When luthier Pepe Romero told us about his new line of strings we had a lot of questions, starting with “why do we need another line of strings?” As it turns out, his father Pepe Romero Sr. had been nostalgic for the way strings used to feel and respond.

Kang Min Ji – Bach Prelude BWV 1006a

S. Korean guitarist Kang Min Ji is just 10 years old and had already been playing for about five years. He was in LA this summer to study with Jack Sanders, who thought we might want to meet him. Kang played the Prelude from Bach’s Lute Suite BWV 1006a, which he had just learned, on an Asturias ‘Comfort’.

Sedona Farber – Villa Lobos Etude 12

When Sedona Farber came in for videos she was very curious to play the 1969 Segovia Ramirez, so we recorded her playing Villa Lobos’ Etude 12 on this amazing guitar. It’s a very impressive performance, and not just ‘for her age’!

The Bihac Summer Guitar Workshop

I first visited Bihać in the Summer of 2013 to visit my duo partner Dr. Armin Abdihodžić, who teaches at the University of Alaska/Anchorage, and to perform in nearby Karlovac. During that first visit, we had the idea of starting this said workshop.

Teodoro Perez – 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Teodoro Perez' career, and he has created some extraordinarily beautiful instruments to mark the occasion. Unlike many luthiers who began as sons of luthiers (and a few daughters) or as guitarists, Perez started his career in Franco’s Spain because he needed a job.
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Jack Sanders

Live Performance

Andrew York

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Kang Min Ji - Bach Prelude BWV 1006a (Asturias Comfort)

S. Korean guitarist Kang Min Ji is just 10 years old and had already been playing for about five years. He was in Los Angeles this Summe...

The Bihac Summer Guitar Workshop

by Josinaldo Costa The Biha? Summer Guitar Workshop (June 24-25, 2016) is a two-day event set in the town of Biha?, which is located on t...