Oscar Muñoz

Made with cedar for the soundboard, and a beautiful exotic set of African rosewood for the back and sides, this is a beautifully designed and built guitar by Oscar Muñoz. For this instrument he also added a central tapering strip in the back of ebony, matched with ebony for the head veneer and foot where the sides come together at the bottom.

Domingo Esteso

This guitar was made by Domingo Esteso, who along with fellow worker Santos Hernandez, was one of the greatest makers of the 20th century. It has a very clean, clear and pure quality to the sound, a very strong fundamental with very controlled overtones, and a very natural, "woody" quality of sound.

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You may have seen – but surely heard – Knobloch Strings played by many great guitarists, including the artists and instructors on EliteGuitarist.com. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that Knobloch Strings are now available at the GSI Store. Grab your set today!

Julia Wenzel

Julia builds completely in the traditional Spanish style and if anything, her sound and feel resembles the guitars from the Miguel Rodriguez shop. Like Ramirez instruments, this guitar is lightly built, has a fast, immediate attack and is followed by a lovely, full, harmonically rich sound in every note.

La Cañada "Catedral 74"

The "Catedral 74" model is based largely on the iconic 1974 Miguel Rodriguez "Churchdoor" owned by Celedonio Romero and now Pepe Romero. The essential elements of the original instrument have found their way into this model including a big deep bottom-end with thick, robust trebles.

They're Here! Volumes 1-3 Agustín Barrios "El Libro de Oro"

As promised, the highly collectible, new editions of Agustín Barrios Mangoré's works are now available. Order yours today!

Vol. 1: The Barrios Method
Vol. 2: Studies & Duets
Vol. 3: Arrangements of Other Composers

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The new Vicente Carrillo guitars have a big, deep and powerful quality much like the best guitars from the top Madrid shops. In cooperation with GSI, Vicente has made several further modifications to these guitars, and we're proud to re-introduce these 4 new models that we believe are among his finest instruments to date.

David Rouse

The overall build of this guitar is lightweight, therefore sound is surprisingly huge with a rich color palette, even for a cedar top. The tone is textured, with ample overtones yet excellent clarity and balance.

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