Fructuoso Zalapa "Romanillos"

This model is a tribute to one of Zalapa's previous teachers, Jose Romanillos. The structural elements such as bracing, doming, thicknessing, shape of plantilla are as "exact" as he can get to the Romanillos guitar he was able to study during his time with the master luthier.

Enrique Garcia

This is a wonderfully well-preserved example of Garcia building in his great, mature style. Stylistically the instrument is fairly simple in decoration (especially compared to the much more intricate and highly ornate guitars built between 1919-1922 after Francisco Simplicio began working for Garcia).

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Antonio Raya Pardo

This guitar, a spruce top with gorgeous CSA rosewood back and sides (almost "Miguel Rodriguez Churchdoor-like" with its contrasting sap and heartwood), is a true beauty, in terms of both its elegant appearance and incredible tone.

Edmund Blochinger

Firmly established as one of the top living builders, Edmund Blochinger is now in great demand world-wide. He originally began building his guitars in the style of Hauser and Torres and early on became influenced by Miguel Rodriguez's guitars from the early '60s.

Conde Hermanos "Felipe V"

This is the top of the line Conde Hermanos built in the old shop location at Felipe V in Madrid. These two brothers made arguably the best modern flamenco guitars available anywhere and this is a great example from their peak period.
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