Paolo Coriani "Manuel Ramirez"

This guitar by Italian luthier Paolo Coriani is an exquisitely-made instrument in the style of Manuel Ramirez. Materials are top-quality, with a well-aged and beautiful set of CSA rosewood back & sides. Fit and finish of the guitar are extremely well done - the French polish has an almost mirror-like quality to it!

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Elias Bonet

This is our 4th guitar from this talented young maker - and our first with these great materials: cedar for the soundboard and a beautiful set of African rosewood for the back & sides. This is Elias' traditional model, which is built with a five-fan bracing pattern and uses solid, well-aged woods.

Fritz Ober "Apprentice"

Fritz has a long reputation of building exacting and highly accurate Torres/Hauser-style guitars over the last several decades. This guitar was built in such a style and features added warmth thanks to the use of cedar for the soundboard.

Teodoro Perez "Especial"

The "Especial" is the top model from the Perez shop, and offers the absolute best in terms of decoration and materials. The sound is very distinctly Spanish with a full, romantic tone and quick attack.

Marcelo Barbero (hijo)

The label reads "Marcelo Barbero (Hijo) para casa de Arcangel Fernandez". This guitar has a wonderful, dark sound with bold basses and strong trebles. It sounds like an old spruce top Miguel Rodriguez (at considerably lower price) from the same era.

Daniele Marrabello

Daniele claims the inspiration in his work comes primarily from the work of Hauser I and of the Spanish luthiers Antonio de Torres, Esteso and Enrique Garcia. Those historic instruments have extraordinary musical timbral characteristics that Daniele also seeks to capture in his guitars.
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