For over 35 years, Guitar Salon International has been providing customers with the finest selection of classical and flamenco guitars in the world

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In our selection of the best contemporary guitar makers, we have chosen to represent those that we believe create instruments that are built to last – both in terms of musical quality and investment. As a result, many of the young luthiers we highlight as the best of their generation proceed to become the world’s most sought-after builders.

Every guitar tells a story

We've created a world-class archive of instruments,
their stories and provenance.
Because it's true - every guitar does tell a story.


Stories, culture, friends and community

We believe in building a relationship and supporting everyone within our community - from our close relationships with both the makers and players of these instruments, and serving professionals, students, collectors and aficionados alike. We have a deep and profound respect for the art, and love fostering our community.

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Carlos Juan Busquiel Builds a New Guitar with Cedar Top and African Rosewood Back and Sides

Spanish luthier, Carlos Juan Busquiel, is currently working on another guitar for GSI. This new instrument will be the third cedar-top guitar from this maker. For the back and sides,…

News>Coming Soon

One of the Most Talented Young Italian Luthiers, Daniele Marrabello, Builds Another Guitar for GSI.

Italian luthier from Milan, Daniele Marrabello, has shared with us some sneak peek photos of our new guitar. Just like in the previous instruments featured at GSI, Daniele used a…

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