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I want to allow the player to explore every possible nuance within a piece of music without being either overshadowed or constrained.

David Rouse is in our opinion is one of the best English luthiers. He began making guitars professionally in 1991 following four years studying building instruments in London. David pays much attention to detail, his craftsmanship follows the highest standard. It’s important to him as a “maker of fine hand crafted guitars” that his love of classical and flamenco music is reflected in the guitars he produces. He has worked hard over the years to find the fine and unique tone, concentrating on what we vaguely refer to as “tone” but also on all the qualities of it: clarify; balance; consistency; separation. He tries to make the sort of guitars that he likes to hear, guitars that are both powerful and graceful, vivacious and melancholic, subtle and strong. David works continuously to keep developing and refining his guitars to make them objects of profound musical expression and visual beauty.

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