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Sold - SKU: GUCLVIS-07537 - Narongsak Visesnut

2020 Narongsak Visesnut SP/MP

Year 2020
Top Spruce
Back & Sides Maple
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 52 mm
Finish French Polish
Country Thailand
Condition New
Exchange ExchangePlus


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Our good friend Narongsak Visesnut has become a household name in recent years for his fantastic hardshell guitar cases which have become extremely popular. His passion for the classical guitar also has driven him to build guitars in his free time, and to which he has become increasingly dedicated. He has been showing his instruments to us over the past couple of years and as impressive as they have been developing, it wasn't until we saw a very impressive instrument that he built for the 2019 Antonio Marin Guitar-Making Competition in Granada, Spain where we realized just how far he had come. As a result, we agreed to begin working with him and to be his US representative. This instrument is our second from him and it is masterfully and beautifully built with incredibly gorgeous materials but also in the style of the great makers of the past - most notably, Torres and Hauser I. The guitar is flawless in its construction and fit and finish, and is built with a light 7-fan system with no bridge plate, very Spanish in build and character of sound - which is very robust, thick and full yet steady and clear at the same time. Plenty of volume and ease of play make this an incredible value for the price. We are thrilled to have this guitar here and look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Included in the price is a Visesnut "Active Series" hardshell case - naturally!

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Narongsak Visesnut started playing classical guitar as a teenager at a Yamaha classical guitar course in 1974 and remained an avid hobbyist for many years while completing degrees in accounting and finance, as well as an MBA. He eventually established his own business, Natakit Industry Co., Ltd. in 1990, which does injection molding and mold making, primarily for companies in the automotive, electrical and computer hardware industries. This company has also allowed him to produce a line of high-quality guitar cases that have become a top-quality brand in recent years. Thanks to the rise of the internet in the early 2000's, he discovered online companies who supplied wood sets for classical guitar construction as well as a host of books on how to build guitars. He quickly became enamored with the idea of building a guitar and bought his first set of wood and a handful of these "how to" books. He built his first guitar from scratch with limited tools and his 1980 Masaru Kohno guitar No. 30 as a reference. Before this first guitar was completed, he consulted Bangkok luthier Wiroon Songbandit on varnishing techniques, and upon completion of his first guitar, was very satisfied with its sound. Inspired by this experience, he apprenticed with Wiroon for the duration of building his second and the third guitars. Over the next decade, he was able to participate in courses with Yuich Imai in Japan, Jose Romanillos in Spain, Kazuo Sato in Germany and Paul Fischer in England. Additionally, he attended the Guild of American Luthiers convention several times in Washington where he befriended many luthiers. He has also participated in several guitar making competitions, most notably he won 1st Prize at the International Guitar Festival and Competition in Magnitogorsk, Russia in 2010, and was recently a finalist in the Antonio Marin Montero guitar making competition in Granada, Spain in 2019.


2020 Narongsak Visesnut SP/MP

Robert de Visée's "Suite in Bm: I. Prelude" performed by Dragos Ilie on a 2020 Narongsak Visesnut