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1987 Masaru Kohno "Professional-J" (w/pickup) SP/CSAR

Year 1987
Top Spruce
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 51 mm
Finish Lacquer
Country Japan
Luthier Sakurai & Kohno

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This guitar has the classic Kohno sound - clear, woody, and even a bit dark for a spruce. The guitar is in concert-ready condition with comfortable set up and easy playability - the neck is a bit narrower than normal making this very easy to play especially for cross-over players who are more accustomed to steel-string or electric guitar necks. It has had a tap plate installed as well as the LR Baggs "Element" pickup for amplification. The only external evidence of the pickup is the 1/4 inch endpin jack which can also be used to attach a strap. This would be an ideal instrument for the gigging guitarist needing a concert-level instrument that can be plugged in and played in any musical setting. It does have a couple of very minor repairs to some cracks that occurred during a shipping event but otherwise it's a solid guitar for the gigging musician.

Orfeo No. 15: The Guitar in Japan

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